Inspectorate of Electricity

Government of Meghalaya

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Functions & Duties of the Inspectorate of Electricity

The main function of the Department of Inspectorate of Electricity is to administer the following Acts, Rules and Regulations:


  • Indian Electricity Act, 2003.
  • Central Electricity Authority (Measures Relating to Safety and Electric Supply) Regulation 2010.
  • Cinematograph (Regulation) Rules, 1973.
  • Electrical Licensing Rule,1973.

Under the aforementioned Acts&Rules the Department of Inspectorate of Electricity performed the following duties:


  1. Initial inspection of electrical installations of the suppliers and consumers High & Medium voltage and to serve an orderupon them as required under the Rules.
  2. Initial inspection of Captive Power plant including Diesel Generator Sets of Capacity 7.5KVA and above and to serve an order upon them as required under rules.
  3. Scrutiny and approval of the methods of construction of High voltage & Extra High voltage installations.
  4. Rendering technical assistance to various Government Department and undertaking site testing inspection, measurementand assessment of internal installation/advice and framing of estimates.
  5. Recovery of Inspection fees.
  6. Annual inspection & testing of Electrical installation of all Cinema Halls in the state and to issue fitness Certificate tothat effect.
  7. Conduct electrical accident inquiry and submit report to the Government with a recommendations to be taken  by the concern authority in order to ensure safety and strict implementation of the provision laid down  under  Acts,Rules and Regulations.
  8. Conducting Examination for issue of Supervisor’s Certificate of Competency and Workmen’s Permits to Electrical Supervisors and Wiremen respectively, every year.
  9. To conduct tests for Cinema operators and to grant cinema operator’s license.
  10. To grant one License to electrical contractor.
  11. To renew annually old Licenses to Electrical Contractors, Supervisors and Workmen.
  12. To grant certificates and permits to supervisors and workmen.
  13. To hear and decided the cases of malpractice by Electrical Contractors Supervisors and workmen.